UWS Village-Bankstown Campus, live on campus and never be late for a lecture again

This on-campus accommodation at Western Sydney University Bankstown Campus is fun to be at. Choose from various room types  available based on your preferences. If you’re a social butterfly then we recommend you to organise pool parties, bbq, birthday parties and more at the on site courtyard or at the bbq lawns. There’s an outdoor sports area as well for you to challenge your friends for a game of basketball or volleyball.


On weekends there’s a lot to explore at this University Village at Bankstown but if you’re more excited for a weekend getaway then take a 10 minute bus ride to Panania railway station and reach Sydney CBD(Central Business District)

This student accommodation being located on campus will ensure that you’re never really late for your classes. Just grab your sandwich and take a 2 minutes walk and you’re there at your class. Without changing tubes or travelling in the overcrowded buses. Life made easy by CLV!

After a fun filled day at Sydney central, head to your furnished rooms and take a shower in your ultra modern bathroom. Then you can head to the communal lounge to catch up with your friends. To refresh yourself you can watch TV or your favourite movie.

UWS bankstown-campus1.jpg

Whenever you’re missing family back home you can always skype them using the high speed internet service which is also available on site.

When your submission dates are near you can stay at University’s (UWS) library till late and head back to your comfy student rooms even late at night as they are just at a 2 minutes walk. You can even head to the on site study area if you wish to do a group study session with your friends.

UWS bankstown campus room.jpg

An independent self catered environment at the UWS village, Bankstown campus makes it convenient for students to live and enjoy their university life.


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